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Dental Implants in St. Peters

If you have suffered from tooth loss, or if you currently wear a removable bridge or denture, then you surely know the challenges these conditions can cause. Missing teeth make many people reluctant to smile or talk. Some even have difficulty chewing and, therefore, must stick to a limited diet. Denture wearers seem to always worry that their removable prosthetic may come loose and slip or even fall out when they talk, smile, laugh or eat. Fortunately, there is a solution. At Cayo Dental Care, St. Peters cosmetic dentist Dr. Cayo and her staff offer a number of implant-retained tooth restorations to rebuild your smile and your confidence.

A Dental Implant in St. Peters

A dental implant is a tooth replacement that substitutes for both the root and crown of a tooth. Dr. Cayo will refer you to a trusted oral surgeon for the implant portion of your treatment. The surgeon will make a small incision in your gum tissue and then securely embed one or more implants in your jawbone. The number of posts required will depend on what type of tooth restoration you’ll be receiving from Dr. Cayo—a dental bridge, a dental crown, a partial or a full denture in St. Peters.

As you heal from surgery, something remarkable happens between the implanted post and your jaw. It’s called osseointegration—the titanium-based post and surrounding bone tissue integrate to form a solid foundation for your eventual tooth restoration. In this way, you’ll never again have to worry about a prosthetic slipping and you’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of foods. Best of all perhaps, your smile will look completely natural with a tooth replacement that combines the beauty of a lifelike crown or denture with the strength of a new root.

Implant Restorations in St. Peters, MO

Once Dr. Cayo is certain that your implant or implants are securely anchored, you’ll return to Cayo Dental Care for the second phase of treatment. Dr. Cayo can attach a number of different restorations to your implants depending on the extent of your tooth loss. These include: