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5 Health Problems of Ill-Fitting Dentures

February 8, 2021

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Ill-fitting dentures being replaced.If you’ve experienced significant tooth loss, dentures are an excellent solution to rebuild a beautiful smile. They’ve undergone several improvements over the years to enhance their function and comfort. Unfortunately, it’s common for dentures to fit poorly as time passes because your jawbone will slowly shrink. Although it might not seem like anything more than a nuisance, ill-fitting dentures can affect your general health. Here are 5 health problems linked to slipping dentures.

1. Malnutrition

Your dentures allow you to eat a variety of foods that are necessary for a healthy body. If your dentures are causing irritation, you might avoid certain foods because they are too difficult or painful to chew. You might unknowingly cause nutritional imbalances from the limitations in your diet. Malnutrition can increase your risk of infection and lead to poor wound healing because your immune system will be weakened.

2. TMJ Disorders

If your dentures aren’t fitting quite right, it can create an unbalanced bite. Over time, it can cause irritation and inflammation of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which is located on either side of your face, connecting your jaw to your skull. A TMJ disorder can develop, causing a variety of painful symptoms, like reoccurring headaches, facial tenderness, and earaches.

3. Infection

It’s not uncommon for poorly fitting dentures to cause painful sores in the mouth that often won’t heal. As a result, you’ll be at risk of oral infections. You might also develop halitosis or a bad taste in your mouth from the bacteria. If the infection isn’t resolved, it can enter your bloodstream, wreaking havoc on your health.

4. Oral Cancer

Chronic inflammation and infection are risk factors for oral cancer. In addition, there are studies indicating a direct link between poorly fitting dentures and cancers of the mouth.  

5. Bone Loss

When the roots of your teeth are missing, your jawbone will slowly shrink because it isn’t being stimulated. In addition, dentures place pressure on the bony ridges beneath your gums, accelerating the loss of density in your jaw.

Secure Your Denture Today

If your denture isn’t fitting well, it might be time to see your dentist to have it relined or replaced. If you’re interested in permanently eliminating slipping and irritation, you might be a candidate for implant dentures. Titanium posts mimic the roots of your teeth and secure your denture to your jawbone for a nearly perfect replica of your natural smile. You’ll benefit from unmatched stability while keeping your jaw strong and healthy.

You don’t need to live with poorly fitting dentures. Your dentist has the personalized solution you need to chew, speak, and smile with confidence.

About Dr. Krista Cayo

Dr. Cayo earned her dental degree at the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Dental Medicine. She has also earned a certificate in Advanced Education in General Dentistry to treat even the most complex oral health issues, like tooth loss. If you need new dentures or you’re interested in dental implants, contact our office today to schedule your consultation for a complete smile.

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