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Flossing as a New Year’s Resolution

December 20, 2022

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With December almost over, 2022 is drawing to a close. That being said, have you thought about your goals for 2023? Now is a good time to make resolutions for the new year — weight loss, job advancement, etc. In particular, you might want to try flossing more often. Doing so would boost your oral health and give you a prettier smile! If you’re interested, your St. Peters’ dentist will even help out. Here’s a summary of why and how to floss for better teeth in the future.

Why Bother Flossing?

As a New Year’s resolution, flossing might sound dull or tame. You might wonder, then, why to even bother with it.

You see, the truth is that a toothbrush isn’t enough for healthy teeth. There are some places the tool can’t reach, so it doesn’t stop all plaque buildup. Fortunately, though, floss can get into those areas and remove bacteria and food bits. It thus lowers your risk for tooth cavities, gum disease, and worse.

How to Floss Correctly

Using floss is harder than it looks. As an oral health practice, it requires that you have proper technique. You’ll thus need to follow these steps:

  1. Break off some floss and wind it around one of your middle fingers. Wind the rest on the same finger of the opposite hand.
  2. Guide the floss between your teeth using a gentle rubbing motion. Be careful not to snap it into the gums.
  3. Curve the floss into a C shape and slide it between the gum and tooth.
  4. Rub the floss against the sides of your tooth, moving it away from the gum with up and down motions.
  5. Repeat steps one through four on the other teeth.

How to Make It a Habit

There are several things you can do to make flossing a habit. Some tips include:

  • Determine Your Barrier: What keeps you away from dental floss? Figure out your obstacles (or excuses) and plan accordingly.
  • Set Realistic Goals: If you didn’t floss before, start twice weekly for the first three months. Then, increase to 3-4 times weekly until the six-month mark. Take it one step at a time.
  • Remember the Risks: Without dental floss, your gums could get irritated and infected. Should that happen, you might suffer bleeding, bone loss, and even tooth loss.

In the end, flossing will make your upcoming year better. Therefore, use the steps and tricks above so 2023 is a year of healthy smiles!

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