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5 Reasons to Choose a Family Dentist

July 27, 2022

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Young girl with parents at dental officeIf you have various age groups in your home, you know how difficult it can be to maintain dental appointments. Between getting your children to school, managing a job, and committing to your responsibilities at home, life gets pretty busy. With oral health linked to general health, don’t let anything stand in the way of your loved one’s dental needs. You can ensure everyone’s mouth and body stay healthy with the help of a family dentist. Here are 5 reasons to consider making the switch to a family-friendly dental practice.

1. Complete Care Under One Roof

You won’t have to stress over juggling multiple dental offices to ensure everyone’s oral health needs are met. Children, teens, and adults can visit one location because a family dentist provides a wider scope of services, so everything is under one roof.

2. Comprehensive Oral Health Solutions

Did you know genetics can affect dental health? With one dentist caring for your loved ones, they will have a better understanding of your family’s oral health needs to safeguard against certain issues, like an increased risk of gum disease or weakened enamel. 

3. Easier to Maintain Appointments

You won’t have to run to different dental offices for routine cleanings and checkups or other services. You will benefit from block scheduling, so everyone can be seen on the same day. Not only will you save time, but it also means fewer days missed from work or school.

4. Personalized Patient Relationships

A family dentist will get to know everyone in your home to create a trusting relationship, which is important for young children because it will lead to stress-free appointments. Your child will look forward to visiting their dentist to learn about the importance of keeping their smile healthy. As a result, they will be more likely to commit to their dental health as adults.

5. Convenient Dental Record Storage

You won’t have to worry about anyone’s dental records being misplaced because everything will be stored at one location. This makes it easy for your dentist to look back at previous X-rays or treatments to monitor oral health concerns. It is also easy to share records with other dental professionals or insurance companies for added convenience.

Benefit from the Best Dental Care

Your family deserves to benefit from the best. With the right dental team by their side, you can promote generations of healthy, beautiful smiles that last. It is never too late to invest in the qualifications, convenience, or compassion of a trusted family dentist.

About Dr. Krista Cayo

Dr. Cayo earned her dental degree from Southern Illinois University and continued her education to achieve a certificate in Advanced Education in General Dentistry. She is a member of various professional organizations, including the American Dental Association. When she isn’t tending to her patients, Dr. Cayo works with the Give Kids a Smile charity. As a mother, she understands the comprehensive care families need. If you’re looking for a family dentist you can trust, contact our office today.

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